Bike vacation

The great nature areas in Ulfborg-Vemb i ideal for an active vacation. Here are huge woods and moors which are anknown places for most people. It´s perfect to go hiking og biking in the areas.

We got in this area 3 different bike rentals. Flyers with trip suggestions can be found at the touristoffice in Vedersø Klit. A great guide can also be found here.

If you need a place to stay for the night, there are lots of lovely cottages, Campsites with cabins and room rentals.



Feriepartner Vedersø klit

Havvej 6-10, Vedersø Klit
6990 Ulfborg
Phone: +45 96 11 91 00

Rental of bicycles for kids and adults.

Nissum fjord Camping

Klitvej 16, Fjand
6990 Ulfborg
Phone: 97 49 60 11

Rental of bicycles with gear for both kids and adults.


Havvej 4, Vedersø klit
6990 Ulfborg
Phone: 97 49 51 95
Fax: 97 49 52 35

Rental of bicycles for kids and adults.