Ulfborg-Vemb is a really good anglers area, with posibility for versatile fishing. We have beautiful natural fishingwaters with perch- and pikefishing. Flat fishing from moles or beach, mackerel and herring fishing during the summer period. Early springfishing for large salmon and young sea trout, and in the late summer large sea trouts. You can also join a fishing boat for sea fishing or try fishing for european flounder, whitefish and eel in Nissum Fjord. Are you up for put and take, the area has lakes with big, beautiful rainbow trouts an brown trouts.

Close season

In general, fishing is prohibited from 1/11 to 15/1 both days incl. In the Storåen is fishing prohibited from 15/9 to 15/4 both days incl. It goes from the hydropower lake in Holstebro to the outlet in Nissum Fjord.

Fishing license

Can be bought at the Touristoffice in Vedersø Klit

Thorsminde Outdoor

Havnevej 2, Thorsminde
6990 Ulfborg
Phone: 97 49 70 06

The shop has the biggest selection of fishing equipment. Bait for angling, fresh sandworms, rainworms, tigerworms and brushworms. Located close to the harbor in Thorsminde.

Bækmarksbro Put & Take

Søhusvej 28
7660 Ulfborg
Phone: 40 10 29 02

Trout fishing in a nice and clean nature lake at 6000 km2. It is located in a great area right next to the woods. There are always lots of fish. If you like to fish and enjoy the great nature, Bækmarksbro Put and Take is the place to be. There are tabels and benches, acces to a toilet and a place to clean the fish.

Vibholm Ørredsø Put & Take

Skorkjærvej 16, Madum
6990 Ulfborg
Phone: 97 49  25 65

A little and nice located lake (4000 m2, depht 2-2,5 m) with inputted trouts in scenic sourroundings by the yard “vibholm”. Fishing licence can be bought on the yard. There are always lots of fish and in the lake there are always a few marked fish, which are rewarded with 500 kr. when caught. It´s open every day from sunrise to sunset. Cats and dogs are not allowed.

Loch Nees Put and Take

A newly established lake at 7000 m2 and a seperat lake for kids at 500 m2, located in natural surroundings in Nees, near by the forest and inlet. There are lots of trouts with a size of 1-9 kg.

There are great access, handicaptoilet, payment- and informationhouse and a place to clean the fish. There are tables and benches around the lakes, and also somewhere to go if you need a little shelter.

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