The Manors have managed to preserve the surroundings, it is amazing for the people who wish to experience the beautiful buildings close up. The manors have adaptet a lot, there are rooms in the old buildings you can rent for a day/night or a weekend. If you need a little vacation or just a relaxing break, a stay at the manors will be a good choise. If you have interest in the old buildings, there are guided tours to join. Any further informations can be found in the touristoffice.

Nørre Vosborg

Vembvej 35
7570 Vemb
Telefon: 97 48 48 97

Nørre Vosborg is a unique Manor with 700 years behind it. Hans Edward Nørregaard-Nielsen has with the following quote caught the special atmosphere of Nørre Vosborg: “Nørre Vosborg is the place where you can extend your inner person into full size. “

In 2004 a comprehensive restoration and reconstruction of the manor started. In 2008 the work was done, and the doors to the new-renovated Manor oppened. The new Nørre Vosborg consists of the castle, which includes a number of manor lounges, a Knights Hall, conference rooms and a restaurant. The farmhouse includes a multi hall for 300 people, two great  showrooms and 56 hotel rooms. It was very important to preserve the outer expression and every thing was taken care of in a gentle way. The goal is to make Nørre Vosborg a cultural center with its own hotel and restaurant. A meeting point where culture and business can inspire each other.

Through time, lots of celebrities have visited the Manor. In 1859 H. C. Andersen lived at the manor for 3 weeks. Here he wrote the “stories from the dunes” and made some of his most famous paper art.


Folkeuniversitetscenteret Skærum Mølle

Skærum Møllevej 4
7570 Vemb
Phone: 97 48 13 22

The manor is a nation-wide course- and developmentcenter, from where research in many different subject- areas is communicated. Some of these subjects include geology and astronomy. These can be experienced at open lectures and by visiting the “House for stones and stars”. It´s a building which contains a mineralogical collection created by the artist Per Kirkeby. Other than that, there is a brick work-museum and an old little grocey store as exhibition shop, which tells the story of the cooperative movement in Denmark.

In the peroid from May 1st. – October 20th, the exhibitions is open at tuesdays from 13.00 – 15.00. Entryfee is 50 kr for this for people over 12 years.
There is a guided tour on wednesdays and sundays at 13.30. Entryfee 75. kr. for people over 12 years.