Riding Holiday

Are you spending your vacation in this lovely area, and feel like enjoying the impressive nature on a horseback, you got the opportunity here. All year around it´s possible to take a horse out in the nature. You can experience the North Sea on a warm and peaceful summernight or you can go on a ride in the many plantations. Are you inexperienced on a horseback, its also possible to get riding lessons.

Vedersø Ridecenter

Vesterhavsvej 5, Vedersø
6990 Ulfborg
Telefon: 6110 7409
mail: ved_ride@mbv.net

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses. For both experienced and untrained riders we offer country tours of one hour’s duration between beautiful lakes, meadows and forests with a rich bird and wildlife. Practiced riders do not get in the same group as unmanaged unless otherwise agreed. Beach tours are for the more experienced riders. In trot and gallop, it goes through beautiful dirt roads, dunes and plantations, and mostly culminates in a free gallop down the beach. All tours are led by an experienced rider.